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BENEFIT CHANGES FOR 20202020 Income BandsAnnual financial Statements 2020Annual ReportApplication for MembershipApplication for Group MembershipApplication to Register a DependantChronic RegistrationApplication for Copper Core PlanContinuation of Membership FormEmployee Registration FormEx-Gratia Application FormMember Record AmendmentDebit Order FormPost Exposure Provider EFT Application FormReimbursement Form Termination or Reinstate adviceTOP UP COVER CLAIM FormWellness FormTerms of reference Employee Wellness ProgrammeVENDOR REGISTRATION FORMRFP Development of policiesCOVID-19COVID-19 Stakeholder CommunicationCOVID-19 Member CommunicationSizwe Flu Vaccine CommunicationGeneral Corona Virus CommunicationSizwe Corona Virus Communication
Copper Core Stakeholder Communication

COVID-19 CMS Regulations Communication
Sizwe Copper Core Plan CommunicationCopper Core Enablemed Providers
Sizwe Baby Programme Publication
Copper Core Members based in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage
Copper Core Members based in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage (Dental Network)
Sizwe Baby Programme Enrolment Form

PE & Uitenhage Copper Core membership base
Copper Core Approved 2020 benefits
EC Copper Core membership

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