Sizwe Medical Fund offers a wide range of medical products to suit every life stage. From hospital cover, network, right up to premium medical products for every need to assist you making informed choice on our various options, have a look at what each option offers.

Copper Core

  • Copper Core Plan is Sizwe's entry-level option. It offers good value for money and peace of mind, linking you to your own selected quality service providers.

    This option offers rich benefits and unsurpassed day-today benefits that meet your healthcare needs.

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Silver Saver

  • Sizwe's Silver Saver Plan allows you to manage your day-to-day healthcare costs through a medical savings account (MSA) giving extensive medical cover.

    It gives peace of mind in cases of hospitalisation. It was tailor made to fit the young, healthy and adventurous.

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Gold Ascend

  • Gold Ascend Plan offers good value for money with unlimited hospitalisation at any private hospital.

    This is Sizwe's traditional option, and has generous day-to-day benefits, which cover acute medicines, general practitioners (GPs), specialists, radiologists, pathologists and more.

    This plan meets the needs of young families with evolving healthcare needs.

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Platinum Enhanced

  • Sizwe's Platinum Enhanced Plan offers comprehensive cover with generous chronic and day-today benefits.

    It offers excellent value for growing families and individuals who want the freedom to access affordable healthcare.

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Titaniam Executive

  • Executive Plan offers full cover with generous day-to-day benefits.

    This is the Sizwe option that is ideal for families and individuals with established healthcare needs, who are looking to access unlimited private hospitalisation.

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