Compare Options 2019

Traditional Options


This care option offers good value for money with unlimited hospitalisation at a private hospital.
This traditional option has generous day-today benefits which cover acute medicines GPs, specialists, radiology, pathology and more to meet the needs of any family.


Our Affordable Care option offers generous comprehensive cover with unlimited hospitalisation at any private hospital. It also covers additional chronic conditions with specialised dentistry and preventative benefits.

This option is suitable for young and healthy families.


Our Full Benefit Care option offers comprehensive cover, generous benefits to cover families and individuals who need access to unlimited hospitalisation at any private hospital. This option offers additional chronic conditions, specialised dentistry, GP’s, specialists, acute medication, preventative care benefits and more rich benefits. This is the only option which offers additional cover when in hospital up to 200% of the Sizwe rate.

Hospital Option


The Hospital Care Option offers peace of mind knowing that in the event of hospitalisation, extensive cover is available at a private hospital. In addition, the Hospital Care Option provides cover for 27 Chronic Disease List (CDL) conditions.

Network Option


This is our entry-level option. Gomomo Care provides excellent value for money. GPs, specialists and acute medicines are accessible through a selected network provider. Dentistry, radiology and pathology are also available from a network provider. No overall limit for in-hospital at selected network hospital Covers the 27 CDL conditions.