We offer a wide range of medical products to suit every life stage. From hospital cover, network, right up to premium medical products for every need to assist you making informed choice on our various options, have a look at what each option offers.

Gomomo Care
Starting from R902
  • Dentistry, optometry, radiology and pathology (approved network provider)
  • 4 additional out of network visits
  • Unlimited general GP visits
  • Unlimited medication at GP network

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Hospital Care
Hospital Care
Starting from R1,955
  • Private hospitalisation
  • 18% Medical savings
  • 27 Chronic Disease List (CDL) conditions
  • PMB coverage

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Primary Care
Starting from R2,140
  • Over the counter medicines cover
  • Preventative Care Benefit
  • Female contraceptive
  • Specialised radiology cover
  • Save with EDOs

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Affordable Care
Affordable Care
Starting from R3,065
  • Comprehensive benefit cover
  • Unlimited private hospitalisation
  • 27 Chronic Disease List (CDL) and additional 13 (Non CDL)
  • Specialised dentistry
  • Save with EDOs

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Full Benefit Care
Full Benefit Care
Starting from R4,722
  • Up to 200 % above scheme rate for Unlimited private hospitalisation
  • Covers specialist rate up to 300% of the Sizwe rate
  • 27 Chronic Disease List (CDL) and additional 34 (Non CDL)
  • Comprehensive Oncology program

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